About Me

With 5+ years of experience in various communications field, I found myself fond of the freedom of creativity, exploration, experiment, and flexibility. I wish to put all my skillsets to good use for personal and social development. The urge to do more, better, differently and to form a team of my own motivates me to go freelancing with my strength and love in languages, internet savvy, media and digital advancement, and communication. I am thriving to offer the best ever services with the knowledge of client’s need and as a new generation of language services provider.   


I started from scratch as a freelancer in late 2019 a few months before COVID-19 breakout. In the face of never-ending challenges on my capacity and pandemic consequences, I thrived to step foot in a competitive world of language services providing business, not only locally but also remotely for international clients. I took slow and steady steps of curiosity to explore, make mistakes, and improve through the test of time. One year into the process, I gained an independent contract as an individual consultant for Cloudburst Consulting Group USA working on translation for USAID Cambodia’s 3-year capacity building program through referral from a local client I used to work with. It was a start of many great things in my career as a freelancer on international scale. Since then, I have worked with more international clients including Concentrix Malaysia, Maven International Inc., Proz, VOYCE, AppenTransPerfect, Humboldt University, GIZ, Root Change, Elite Asia, Lien Aid, Lingo Whiz, Trinh Foundation Australia, as well as local ones such as iDE Innovation Lab, Creative Translation Services, Alliance Translation Service, Wedu Cambodia, Little Big Films, Cord Cambodia, etc. It has led to an amazing opportunity in creating this website to build my freelance, online, on-site profile in the fields of translation, interpretation, transcription. I mostly work individually and also have a small team of three freelancers for big projects. It has been a positive challenging journey and I am exciting for more to come. Please drop me a note via social media and email addresses below so that I could discuss with you how I could assist you in fulfilling your institutions’ goals. 

        My best regards,

        Sophy Phann



Meet Me!

Greetings! Let me introduce myself as ME in person and share with you the following services I am capable of deliver:

My Clients

Over the last three years of being a freelancer in this business, I have strived to build a strong foundation and got to work with amazing and understanding clients. They encourage me, give me chances to make mistakes, and improve along side them and their projects in Cambodia and for Cambodians.